Bravado Health to Screen Critical Infrastructure Workers for COVID-19


Bravado Health partnered with FordCom Tower Service to screen employees daily for symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID‑19). The screening program includes all FordCom employees, who are considered essential critical infrastructure workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

FordCom builds and maintains wireless communication towers in the Midwest. Before going to work each day, employees record their health status and temperature on their smartphone. If anything appears to be out of range, the employee is directed to stay home, and a safety manager is notified to provide assistance.

“It is our belief that in times of crisis it is our responsibility to ‘keep the phones on,’” said FordCom CEO Brian Ford. “Without skilled telecom technicians, so many services we take for granted go away. As employers, it’s our responsibility to give our workers the safest environment possible. Bravado Health’s screening program enables us to screen all our employees at scale, ensuring a safer workplace for our employees and customers.”  

“While there’s no mistaking the challenges ahead, we’re seeing people rise to the occasion in amazing ways,” said Chris Lazzara, CEO of Bravado Health. “Critical infrastructure workers are essential to keeping health services and our economy operating at full speed. Bravado Health is committed to helping employers slow the spread of COVID‑19 by monitoring symptoms and providing real-time intelligence. We’re proud to partner with FordCom to help give their employees confidence in a safer workplace.”

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