Brexit Vote May Kill EU Roaming Deal but Have Little Effect on the U.S. Market


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Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 9.11.29 AMWithin the next two years the effect of Great Britain leaving the European Union (EU) may eliminate any roaming deals for UK consumers according to Android Headlines.

British customers will likely see their rates rise, Android Headlines reported, as mobile carriers have massive investment to make and keep up, but are facing massive cost pressure. The industry rate may rise a few weeks or months after the UK leaves the EU, AH said, but, it is also possible that the British and European carriers are unable or unwilling to make competitive deals, and roaming rates skyrocket, and British customers are told that because they left the European Union, these countries are now considered “rest of world” for international roaming.

The British Vodafone network, for many consumer pay monthly contracts, customers pay £1.35 per minute to make a call and £1.00 a minute to receive a call. Again, the pound sterling to US dollar exchange rate is volatile at the moment but this converts to something like $1.90 a minute to make a call at an exchange rate of $1.40. Visitors from the European Union countries into the United Kingdom could also see massive hikes in roaming rates. However, it is also possible that the British carriers will be able to negotiate more reasonable terms with their neighbors and British customers could see more moderate roaming rates. The four UK carriers operate in a fiercely competitive market, but have seen the price per minute of calling increase almost in uniform across these businesses, Android Headlines reported.

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