British PM Labels “Internet For All” As a “Crackpot Scheme”


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday referred to a plan proposed by his opposition party to provide internet access for all citizens as a “crackpot scheme,” according to the Daily Mail. Johnson said the policies will “involve many many billions of taxpayers’ money, nationalizing a British business.” 

The legislation was proposed by Jeremy Corbyn, a Member of Parliament who served as Leader of the Labour Party representing the political left wing of the government. The Prime Minister is a member of the opposition Conservative Party.

Corbyn’s plan would see all households connected by 2030, in what he describes as a ”’treasured institution for the 21st Century,” proposing tech firms like Apple and Google assume the cost for such a move. A spokesperson from one of the U.K.’s major carriers, British Telecom (BT), referred to the plan as “broadband communism.”

While no legislation has been enacted, a wealth of different opinions were offered during Parliamentary debate. Corbyn and supporters from the Labour party focused on prioritizing broadband outreach as their primary concern and cited examples of successful government involvement in business. Conservatives expressed concerns that the British economy would suffer under a plan that would undercut businesses and burden the government. 

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