Broadband is “Hoppin’ in Maupin”


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With the completion of a $2 million high-density fiber-optic municipal-owned broadband network, the rural community of Maupin is now among the state’s most competitive when it comes to internet access, reported PR Newswire. The network can provide speeds of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) per customer — the fastest broadband service available in the Pacific Northwest – vastly improving the city’s economic and educational opportunities.

“This is a total game-changer for Maupin,” says Mayor Lynn Ewing. 

“Our new high-speed broadband network significantly improves the professional and learning opportunities for residents while luring visitors to stay longer and even consider moving here.”

The project took more than three years to complete and required financing from seven partners — including more than $935,000 from the State of Oregon. The city partnered with QLife Network, an inter-governmental agency that’s helping facilitate a reliable, cost-effective, open-access link to fiber optic, and Portland-based LS Networks to design and install the network.

“Maupin remained steadfast in its pursuit of attaining higher-quality internet for its residents,” says Byron Cantrall, CEO of LS Networks. “Thanks to a combination of local champions and numerous partners willing to sit at the table together, Maupin now has broadband service that rivals the speeds enjoyed by those in Oregon’s biggest cities.”

In December, Governor Kate Brown signed Executive Order 18-31 establishing the Oregon Broadband Office, citing access to high-speed internet as an economic and equity issue.

“The new high-speed fiber network in Maupin is proof that no town is too small or too remote to make sure their community is connected,” says Governor Brown.

April 3, 2019

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