BYOD: Bring Your Own Device


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When considering a new business location, employers are discovering that it is not workstations that they need to plan for but in-building wireless service, according to As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becomes more commonplace, businesses are being encouraged to think ahead before they make the leap to leasing a new space.

“Connectivity can’t be wild card,” said Luke Lucas, engineering business development manager for T-Mobile. 

No company wants to lease a space and find out later what the in-building wireless situation is like. Their employees need to be able to make calls that are crisp, clear and functional, not shuttled and compressed alongside all the other WiFi and broadband demands flowing into the office.” 

Buildings already equipped with small cell or distributed antenna systems have become more desirable and tenants are discovering that they can charge higher rates for them.  Businesses that have wireless or fiber optic connectivity in place immediately put that business at a strategic advantage.

“Trying to change the CRE industry is like trying to steer an oil tanker,” said Lucas, “But we’re slowly getting through to the owners.  The ship is moving.” And employees with electronic devices that can tap into internet services from day one are ready to climb on board.”  

May 30, 2019

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