Carr Recognizes Tower Climbers with ‘5G Ready’ Hard Hat


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Tower techs do the tough work needed to bring 5G and other next-generation infrastructure to communities across the country, says FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. He’s been recognizing their contributions through a series of 5G Ready Hard Hat presentations. Carr’s first recognition, to Shama Ray, a tower climber and volunteer for a non-profit that expands opportunities for women in the wireless industry, is here.

Carr is now recognizing two more inspiring 5G workers—Brandon Foster and Ammon Snyder.

 “Brandon and Ammon are the best of the best. They not only build out the infrastructure that so many Americans rely on today, but they are dedicated to training the next generation of tower techs,” Carr said in a video, which was shown at the Wireless Infrastructure Association Foundation Awards presentation Tuesday night. The foundation honored wireless workforce champions, including Carr. “I have seen firsthand the professionalism and dedication that they bring to the job,” he said. 

Carr added: “Their work mentoring other climbers is helping to expand the number of skilled tower techs in the industry, which is critical for the private sector to complete the 5G builds that are now underway in this country. So I want to recognize and thank them for the skill and dedication that they bring to the job.”

Foster and Snyder are based in South Dakota and work for VIKOR, which builds and maintains towers throughout the great plains and mountain states. Carr climbed with them multiple times—from a 50-foot practice tower to a 2,000 foot broadcast tower. Here is Carr’s presentation to Foster and Snyder.

October 4, 2019   

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