Carr Tours Gulf Network for Oil Workers


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Members of RigNet’s executive team including CEO, Steven Pickett, CIO/CTO, Brendan Sullivan, and SVP, of Government Services, Jamie Barnett Rear Admiral USN (Retired) along with representatives from T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) met with Commissioner Carr during a tour of Valaris’ Gulf Copper facility, including a rig in Galveston, TX. 

Company representatives informed Carr about the new 4G LTE and 5G-capable network launched across more than 60,000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico. This network now connects offshore workers, vessels and critical infrastructure in an area larger than the state of Florida.   

“We had the opportunity to discuss with Commissioner Carr the importance such a network has to help with the safety of the crews on the platforms and the integrity of drilling operations in the Gulf,” said RigNet President/CEO Steven Pickett. “Thousands of oilfield workers live and work on these platforms each day, and there are thousands of sensors on each platform that provide critical visibility to the safety and efficiency of drilling operations to onshore personnel.”

Using RigNet’s already deployed 6 GHz Microwave Network, T-Mobile and RigNet installed base stations that operate on the 600- and 700-megahertz spectrum, which they say is able to penetrate offshore assets more effectively than higher frequency solutions and can be picked up by most consumer mobile devices. The oil and gas drilling platforms within the coverage area will gain access to a low latency and high speed mobile connection.

“We are very happy to have met with Commissioner Carr to discuss the benefits and value of our Gulf of Mexico Microwave and LTE network,” continued Pickett. “As the FCC considers the unlicensed use of 6 GHz spectrum, we have stressed that this would create network interference and could endanger offshore crews and other LTE users in the Gulf. We believe the Gulf should be excluded from the FCC’s rulemaking. With this new LTE network, T-Mobile and RigNet customers’ critical communications will not be interrupted, helping to safeguard safety and drilling operations.”

October 11, 2019

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