Carr Visits IN Tower Site


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Commissioner Brendan Carr visits with employees from NATE, Heartland Solutions Corporation and Crown Castle.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has been on the road this week, visiting various telecom sites in the Midwest. Thursday, he toured a telecom tower in Noblesville, IN, the National Association of Tower Erectors announced. NATE, along with member companies Crown Castle and Heartland Solutions Corporation, helped organize the tour.

During his time spent on site, Carr spoke with technicians and staff from Heartland Solutions and Crown Castle to discuss the work that’s conducted on a daily basis building, maintaining and upgrading communications tower sites and related wireless infrastructure. They gave the commissioner a front row view of the equipment and PPE gear that tower technicians use to carry out their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

Additionally, Commissioner Carr learned about the benefits associated with the NATE STAR Initiative program from Heartland Solutions, which is a participating company.  Since the program’s inception, the STAR Initiative site safety audits and program documentation requirements have allowed participants to proactively identify and correct hundreds of job site hazards and deficiencies. NATE says the results have allowed the association to extrapolate valuable benchmarks and tangible data from the program, while demonstrating compelling evidence that STAR members are leading the charge in terms of making the industry safer.

“It was an honor to have Commissioner Carr join us today at the Noblesville tower site to witness work being conducted safely and acknowledge the vital work that America’s tower technicians, contractors and vertical realtors are playing to enable wireless connectivity,” said Heartland Solutions Corporation Owner and President Mark Fisher. “We appreciate the leadership role Commissioner Carr is playing at the FCC to streamline wireless infrastructure deployments, promote the expansion of rural broadband and support workforce development initiatives.”

May 4, 2018

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