CCA Testifies on the Future of Wireless Services


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The Competitive Carriers Association believes for a real future for wireless, Congress must ensure that mobility is included in any generational investment in digital infrastructure. During testimony before a House subcommittee last week, CCA SVP of Legislative Affairs Tim Donovan encouraged lawmakers to support infrastructure policies that advance mobile connectivity and ensure that equipment and devices are available and secure.

“Mobility will continue to be a catalyst driving economic growth in rural America, and not ensuring ubiquitous mobile broadband could create a new digital divide of technological denial for consumers – an outcome no one wants to see,” Donovan told members of the House Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. 

He also stressed the importance of completing Rip & Replace to reimburse small, rural carriers for removing untrusted gear from their networks and replacing it with new equipment. “Completing the important Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act program will not only ensure all stakeholders can efficiently complete [the task], but it will also provide opportunities for new technologies such as ORAN to compete in the marketplace,” he testified. 

CCA believes lawmakers should urge the FCC and NTIA to coordinate spectrum policies to provide sufficient access to meet exponential growth in wireless demand. Additionally, CCA continues to encourage Congress to ensure more reliable broadband data coverage maps. 

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