CCA Urges FCC to Streamline Deployment With Reduced Siting Fees


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The Competitive Carriers Association is pressing the FCC to take several steps to clear the way for next-generation broadband deployment. Those include reducing siting delays; tying siting fees to actual review and maintenance costs and educating state and local governments about the benefits of next-gen wireless service.

“Competitive carriers play a critical role in ensuring consumers, especially those in rural areas, have access to high-speed mobile broadband services, and depend on sound infrastructure policy to achieve this important goal,” said CCA President/CEO Steven Berry in comments filed with the FCC on a Mobilitie petition to streamline small cell deployment.

“Unfortunately, CCA members’ experiences with some federal, state and local authorities have, more often than not, been laden with unreasonable delays, poor communication, inflated fees, or disregard for ‘shot clocks’ and review timelines. Delays and unreasonable costs waste resources that could otherwise go directly to deploying mobile broadband services.”

FCC Chairman Pai and Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Michael O’Rielly this week identified the actions they’re ready to take during a Senate hearing. Berry said “getting this right will have a big impact on bringing new and better connectivity—not to mention jobs and economic opportunities—to the areas that need it most.”

March 10, 2017   

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