Cell Site Damage From Sally Contained to AL, FL


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The FCC’s Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) report for Hurricane Sally now centers on Alabama and Florida, which suffered the most damage. It dropped Mississippi from communications reporting yesterday (and Louisiana earlier.)

Nine Alabama counties are covered in DIRS. Of the total 1,177 Alabama cell sites covered in the report, 313 were not working Thursday, compared to 213 the previous day.  

In Conecuh County, 66.7 percent, or 26 out of 39 sites, were not working. 14 had no power and eight had data transport issues. In Baldwin, just over 42 percent, or 153 out of 361 sites, were impacted; 100 had no power, 45 suffered from data transport issues and two were damaged. In Escambia County, just over 75 percent, or 43 out of 57 sites, were non-operational due to the storm. 25 had no power and 15 had data transport issues. 

In Florida, four counties experienced cell site damage. Representing a total of 786 sites, 139 were out: 102 had no power, 28 suffered data transport issues and four were damaged. That compares to 54 outages reported Wednesday.

Cable and wireline companies reported 156,147 subscribers out of service; that compares to 88,362 the previous day. For broadcasters, no television stations were reported off-air. Three FMs and no AMs were said to be dark.      

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