Cell Tower Comes to Amherst County


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“Today is a banner day for us,” said Supervisor Claudia Tucker of Amherst, Virginia.  She stated that since she first joined the Board of Supervisors, it has been her goal to bring a major broadband upgrade to her region. The News and Advance, reports the first of Tucker’s hard won towers has arrived.

Thanks to an agreement between SCS Broadband and the Amherst Board of Supervisors, a series of towers is planned for locations across the county. The inaugural tower at the aptly named High Point at Tobacco Row Mountain, came online this week. It is estimated the new tower will boost communications for 3,000 clients. “We want to serve as many people as possible,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Jimmy Ayers. 

County Administrator Dean Rodgers expects 90 percent of Amherst County residents to have broadband service by the end of the calendar year. “Internet is the way of the day,” Ayers told the News and Advance.

Amherst County also issued a news release, stating additional clients will also benefit from an internet expansion project operating under the aegis of the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC). The CVEC is poised to receive $7.1 million in funding for voice-over IP phone service and gigabit speed broadband services. This upgrade will reach over 2,200 Amherst County residents.

July 1, 2019

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