Charles Industries: 50 Years of Solving Challenges for Niche Markets


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Charles Industries, located in the suburb of Schaumburg, west of Chicago, IL, is a “good old American success story” with humble beginnings. The company is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding by entrepreneur Joseph T. Charles, who launched the business venture in 1968 out of his Mt. Prospect, Illinois family basement. Charles developed an innovative solution, which he would later patent, to improve voice quality and reduce noise on telephone service providers outside the copper plant. While first considered a niche market solution to solve his clients’ service challenges, his single entry load coil would soon become the standard for telephone service providers’ copper plants throughout the world.

Today, Charles Industries prides itself on offering its customers value – an overall blend of product knowledge, design expertise, reliability, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer service and field support. By controlling all aspects from design and development to manufacturing and supply, Charles quickly responds to “voice of the customer” challenges with solutions that support their customers’ strategic deployment goals and supply chains initiatives.  

Over the years, the company has grown to serve telecommunications, wireless, municipality, utility, and industrial markets worldwide. Even after five decades, the privately-owned company is still committed to the same principles upon which it was founded: company-wide focus on safety, quality, cost reductions, customer service, and innovation with a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

“Everyone has the same mindset,” said Dominic Imbrogno, Senior Director of Active Enclosures and Wireless Solutions and 21-year employee of Charles Industries. “We’re constantly developing and tweaking products to solve customers’ needs by listening closely to what those needs truly are. We’re nimble and can make quick engineering and manufacturing decisions. We strive to develop solutions that meet and exceed our individual customer’s needs, not force fit a solution that has been built for another client.”

Charles is proud to manufacture all products from their five facilities located in the United States. “Speed to market” is critical and as customer and market requirements change, Charles can quickly adapt and respond with solutions that are all shipped from their U.S.-based manufacturing centers.  “We’re comprised of a large number of experienced, hard-working colleagues,” said Imbrogno. “People care about the work they’re doing, who they’re doing it with, and who they’re doing it for.”

Regarding the telecommunications industry, Charles puts a significant focus on innovative enclosures supporting active electronics. Its cabinets and concealment shroud solutions support radio access equipment, power, and protection as well as a battery backup for macro, small cell, and DAS deployments.

“The marketplace is changing so rapidly that it requires constant attention and a variety of solutions,” said Imbrogno. “We’re supporting and facilitating small cell deployments, with solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. These solutions enable municipalities and local governments to offer consumers and businesses mobile broadband services and support the emerging internet of things. Over the last five years, we’ve deployed almost 9,000 small cell nodes with a number of different carriers and we have no intention of slowing down.”

After two decades of service, Imbrogno is proud to work for a company “with a management team that’s dedicated to standing behind everything we do.” “Customers value this and we live and breathe it on a daily basis,” he added. “Charles Industries’ well-earned reputation for outstanding customer support is one of our most valuable assets.”

Charles Industries is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL and works with major wireless carriers, tower companies, and utility providers in North America and worldwide. In addition to Charles’ extensive enclosure offerings for wireless service providers, the company’s field-proven FTTX solutions include indoor and outdoor remote cabinets, building terminals, below-grade enclosures, buried distribution pedestals, and multi-purpose enclosures. For more information about the company or to contact a representative, visit

By Keara Piekanski, Inside Towers

June 29, 2018

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