Chattanooga: From Choo Choos to Smart City Testbed


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Chattanooga, TN is investing in a $1.37 million grant to build a testbed as a service (TaaS) on top of the city’s existing Smart Corridor infrastructure. GCN reported that a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) would fund the “Smart Corridor+” project, allowing researchers to access and test algorithms using data from the city’s connected urban environment. The project includes both an urban road and a freeway segment and will be assembled on Chattanooga’s citywide 10 Gbps fiber-optic network. 

The University of Tennessee developed the testbed at Chattanooga’s Center for Urban Informatics and Progress. Once deployed, Smart Corridor+ will allow researchers to access real-time data, video, analysis, and performance-measuring tools via an online portal.   

The project aims to develop ways to reduce pedestrian injuries and integrate autonomous and connected vehicles into urban settings. The TaaS infrastructure will be programmable and is expected to deliver data on IoT devices, diverse communications, edge computing, and software services.

According to the NSF grant summary, the project will focus on “IoT applications for improved urban mobility, public safety, smart infrastructure, and human/device behavioral analysis that cannot be otherwise performed.” Smart Corridor+ is also designed to “support multiple STEM education and research opportunities for all levels of students,” reported GCN

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