Cheytec Announces The “Accelerate for Enterprise” Program


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One of the most critical components of any cellular system, in every in-building proposal, is signal source, the cellular radio frequencies that provide coverage and bandwidth broadcasting inside a building. Both real estate and enterprise customers want the certainty that an in-building system will work and that the desired carriers will connect.

Cheytec, a provider of in-building cellular solutions says not only can they deliver that with their new program – they can guarantee it. 

At last month’s Connectivity Expo in Orlando, Cheytec announced the Accelerate for Enterprise program that they say guarantees signal source from multiple wireless carriers, supported by nationwide contracts with the wireless carriers that enable the program.

“A DAS is worthless without the carriers connected to it,” said Jarrett Bluth, Cheytec’s CEO.There are several building owners who have been burned by buying a DAS, but the DAS provider was never able to get the carriers to connect.  Also, there are numerous in-building projects that are stuck and haven’t begun because the wireless carriers have declined to connect and provide their signal source. This is a transformational change of how in-building systems are funded and deployed.”

Ed Myers, Cheytec’s VP of Sales and Marketing, said their program offers the assurance of a guarantee that their investment in a DAS will result in a, “fully functioning connectivity solution.”

Myers explained that the company has unique agreements with each of the wireless carriers and the signal source equipment manufacturers that enable the program.

“Indoor connectivity has become a utility that the market has been demanding for years and we are delighted to be able to offer this solution to our partners, and to our real estate and enterprise customers,” Myers said.

July 1, 2019

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