City Council Sets Small Cell Rules


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The Red Bank City Council (NJ) passed an amendment outlining requirements for the placement of 5G small cells in public rights-of-way, reported Tap Into Red Bank. The amendment (Section 608-50) establishes a local policy for the placement of small cells and ensures that carriers adhere to the laws, rules, and regulations of the Borough. 

Section 608-50 also enables the Borough to: “fairly and responsibly protect the public health, safety, and welfare” of the community.

 The Borough will allow for small cells while preserving the historic character of the area and safe uses of the rights-of-ways by pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles. 

Per the amendment, any carrier interested in constructing small cells must first obtain a license, which includes co-location with any telecommunications facility. If approved, license terms are set at five years. Applicants must also demonstrate the need for a new facility, proving that an existing structure can’t meet their needs, such as location, height, space, or other inhibiting factors outlined in the amendment.  

When applying, carriers must meet specific requirements, including submitting an engineering plan, a construction schedule and completion date, a traffic control plan, and more. The Borough may require a review by a third party regarding the technical details of the application, in which the carrier is responsible for funding.  

The approval or denial of an application will be issued within 90 days of submission, and a $500 fee is required for all applications. The amendment also requires applicants to notify residents within 500 feet of an approved location, in writing, of the plans for the installation of a telecommunications facility.

December 2, 2019

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