City Employees Solicit New Tower From Verizon and FCC


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Verizon Wireless is working to construct a new tower on Main Street in Frisco, CO to improve network coverage, and capacity in the area, reported the Summit Daily. In 2018, town employees took fixing spotty coverage into their own hands.

“It [spotty coverage] started around April 2018,” said Vanessa Agee, Frisco’s marketing and communication director. 

“We noticed some really particular problems. We were unable to access anything involving data — anything from emails to social media, or just looking something up on a website. We had phone call issues, as well.”

“Staff noticed this, and we started asking other people if they were having issues, particularly with Verizon coverage in Frisco. What we heard was yes,” Agee added. 

Agee, along with other employees, began making calls to Verizon last year, urging them to address the problem and citing public safety concerns and local businesses relying on better service, according to Summit Daily. Verizon stated that building a tower would take at least three years, so employees began filing complaints with the FCC to speed up the process. “I really saw it as the only way to deal with an issue that they seemed unwilling to acknowledge and unwilling to do anything about,” Agee said.

Now the tower is under construction by EasTex Tower. According to Jeff Reynolds, vice president of project management and operations at EasTex Tower, the company expects the project to be completed by mid-October. Verizon anticipates service to be available by year-end.

August 14, 2019   

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