City of Sacramento Contracts Sitetracker to Monitor Wireless Assets


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Site management platform provider Sitetracker said Thursday the City of Sacramento will use their services to ensure their assets can be reserved for modifications and upgrades. As a result of this change, the city is projecting to generate hundreds of new site reservations and leases from its partnerships with mobile network operators and tower owners such as Verizon, AT&T, and Crown Castle. 

The city will be able to track, process, and manage thousands of site reservations, and requests, according to Sitetracker, “with ease and efficiency, mitigating the risk of regulatory action by the FCC for not meeting each reservation request’s 60-day deadline.” 

“Sitetracker’s project management platform gives us the ability to manage our assets across the small cell deployment process,” said Darin Arcolino, the City of Sacramento’s Assistant IT Director. He continued, “Sitetracker has streamlined deployment from site reservation through construction, allowing both the City and mobile network operators to gain data led insights around aspects like permitting and forecasting.”

To help local governments streamline their asset management processes, Sitetracker has chosen to partner with Carahsoft, a government IT solutions provider for the implementation process.

“In conjunction with our partners at Carahsoft, we took the City of Sacramento live in just a few weeks,” said John Leigh, Vice President of Customer Success and Partnerships at Sitetracker. “Our typical customers are innovators and market leaders that are looking to optimize their processes and bottom lines – the City of Sacramento is no different and the whole industry benefits from their approach.”  

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