Co-locate This, Apex, Say Local Residents


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Apex Towers LLC has proposed a 199-foot cell tower in Waynesboro, Virginia, but many local residents favor working with existing resources, reports the News Virginian. T-Mobile would be the carrier to benefit from a new structure. The majority of residents, however, believe that co-locating new antennas on existing towers would solve their service needs.

Referring to independently gained research, neighbor Joe Noto said, “This is right from the consultant’s information – the co-location portion of it. Co-location is preferable to construction of a new site…The consultants saying co-location is better…it comes with the statement that no additional sites are available in the area which would meet the applicant’s coverage objectives, but we found out there’s possibly one, and it’s Round Hill.” Apex considered the Round Hill site, but dismissed it as unsuitable for T-Mobile’s requirements.  

None of the commentary available suggests that better connectivity isn’t desired. The issue comes down to townsfolk who do not want a new tower in a residential area near schools when they are convinced that better alternatives exist. As former Supervisor Carolyn Bragg explained, “Our residents are very proud of their community and want it to remain an inviting, welcoming area. You’ve heard a lot about Round Hill. There are other places…they don’t have the houses around them. I would like to ask that you consider the voices of the community and do not permit building on a visible corridor.”

Apex stands by its claim that service needs would be best met by a new cell tower on property currently owned by James Kindig, who agrees with Apex. Kindig pointed out that the landscape is already chock full of cell towers so another one would not represent a blight, especially as Apex Towers would use a pine tree disguise and safety fencing.

The matter will be brought up for further discussion at the next meeting of the Augusta County Board of Zoning Appeals. 

January 8, 2020   

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