Commerce Department Extends Huawei License, Seeks Telecom Input


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The administration said it’s extending a license allowing U.S. companies to continue doing business with China’s Huawei Technologies until May 15. The U.S. Commerce Department has issued a series of extensions of the temporary license and had previously extended it until April 1. That’s to allow telecommunication providers—particularly those in rural communities—the ability to continue to temporarily and securely operate existing networks while they identify alternatives to Huawei for future operation.  

After adding Huawei to an economic blacklist in May citing national security concerns, the U.S. Commerce Department has allowed it to purchase some American-made goods in a move aimed at minimizing disruption for its customers. Many operate wireless networks in rural areas.  

The Commerce Department is asking telecoms to submit comments on whether it should issue future extensions and asked, what is the “impact on your company or organization if the temporary general license is not extended?” The department also asked about the costs associated with ending the licenses.

Public input must be received by the Commerce Department‘s Bureau of Industry and Security no later than March 25. Submit comments to Docket No. 200310-0073 through the Federal eRulemaking Portal:

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