Commission Approved Tower Extension…Via Teleconference


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For those who thought the zoning meeting was a pre-virus kind of event, think again. Sprint got permission to upgrade a monopole, normally not a newsworthy item in itself, however it occurred via a teleconferenced town planning meeting. Owned by Crown Castle and built in 1990, the tower will receive a five-foot extension to accommodate additional antennas.  

The planning commission considered the special use permit application during its “virtual” meeting on Monday. According to the Shawnee Mission Post, commission staff recommended approving the project to allow for co-location instead of building another tower. 

 One commissioner questioned the fall zone, but since the monopole was designed to collapse, the point was moot. In addition, there were no public comments regarding the project. The commission unanimously approved the four-year special use permit, reported the Mission Post.

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