Commission Delays Settling Verizon Lawsuit for Tower It’s Now Approving


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The Athens-Clarke Commission (GA) is in the midst of a lawsuit with Verizon Wireless after it denied a request for a 196-foot tower, reported the Athens Banner-Herald. The denial came last year, after residents spoke out in opposition to the tower, citing concerns related to health, aesthetics, and decreased property values.

According to Athens-Clarke Attorney Judd Drake, the city is likely to lose the suit. “It would be challenging for us to be successful” in fighting Verizon’s lawsuit, Drake added while addressing commissioners at a recent meeting. 

An attorney for Verizon told commissioners via a virtual meeting the tower is needed to improve service in the area. The attorney added that Verizon would consider a request to construct a camouflaged tower, resembling a tree, and also subtract 30 feet from the proposed tower height.

While delaying the settlement of the lawsuit, the Athens-Clarke Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the tower. The site is proposed on land zoned agricultural-residential, reported the Banner-Herald.

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