CommScope’s Communication Infrastructure E-Books Issues a “Best Practices” Look at In-Building Wireless


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Not everyone knows the availability of this great industry resource. Although there’s only 11 publications, CommScope’s Communications Infrastructure library covers a wide range of industry topics – including best principles for designing and deploying indoor and outdoor wireless, and wireline, networks. Also, the collection of E-books and solution guides is completely free to all visitors for immediate download. 

CommScope, a company that prides itself on their comprehensive training and education programs created the series to, “help foster a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the technology, science and business behind modern communications.”  Some of the titles in this collection include:

  • Understanding the RF Path
  • Fiber to the X Fundamentals
  • Multi Tenant Data Center Best Practices
  • Data Center Best Practices
  • In-Building Wireless Best Practices eBook
  • FTTX Case Study Series eBook
  • LTE Best Practices eBook
  • Realize Your Vision of the Fiber Future eBook
  • Smart Building Connectivity eBook
  • Microwave Communication Basics eBook
  • Base Station Antenna Solutions

One of the more recent issues covers the best practices of in-building wireless (IBW) in a 55-page e-book that explains small cells, distributed antenna systems, WiFi and unlicensed spectrum. It covers the past, present and future of IBW, current trends and emerging challenges. The colorful, interactive pages help the reader determine which indoor wireless technology is the smart choice for their property. One section provides a building’s worth of DAS deployment and explores funding tips.

The e-book outlines how adding in-building wireless (IBW) coverage to an enterprise space isn’t just for huge airports and massive sports arenas. Advanced distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell technologies make in-building wireless solutions easier and more affordable than ever. Chapters 4 and 5 of the in-building wireless eBook show how choosing the right solution, is based on building configuration, the amount of traffic and how much it varies, and the type of technologies and number of operators needed to support it.

WiFi and in-building wireless (IBW) solutions share the same airwaves, but generally don’t share the same functions. The WiFi spectrum can be repurposed to mimic in-building wireless functions like voice calling, but there are reasons why WiFi can’t replace an in-building wireless solution all by itself.

The inclusion of an 802.11ac WiFi network is a given for most enterprises. Considering the kind of traffic WiFi is best equipped to manage, and in what concentrations, it may be perfectly suited to an enterprise environment where WiFi is provided to guests, customers, visitors or other non-business-critical users. Explore and download CommScope’s library of resources here.

June 7, 2019

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