Companies Collaborate to Restore Wireline Communications in Puerto Rico


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Wireless carriers have received press for their efforts to restore telecommunications in Hurricane Maria-ravaged Puerto Rico, but readers may not know that companies are also working to restore wired communications. Carrier-grade VoIP gateway manufacturer TelcoBridges says it’s working with Puerto Rican Telecom provider Natural G.C. and distributor Pulse Supply to restore and upgrade Puerto Rico’s telecom infrastructure.

Before the hurricane, much of Puerto Rico’s telecom infrastructure featured legacy landlines connected to different service provider networks. The hurricane’s high winds destroyed most of the above-ground landline infrastructure. In the aftermath, Natural G.C. leveraged solar power to get all of its systems quickly back on line. With the help of Pulse Supply and TelcoBridges, the company was able to restore phone service for thousands of Puerto Ricans, according to the companies. 

Natural G.C. worked with Pulse Supply to deploy a TelcoBrides media gateway in their network. The gateway enabled Natural G.C. to interconnect with the island’s incumbent carrier using the SS7 protocol. The bridge “addressed the SS7 interconnection issues that we faced prior to the hurricane,” said Natural G.C.’s Crucito Marrero. “The connection came up on the first day and it has been up ever since.”

“The solution provided by Pulse Supply allows Natural G.C. to cost-effectively perform TDM-to-SIP interconnections with other carriers throughout Puerto Rico, and the gateways add capacity while also making their networks more reliable,” said TelcoBridges CEO Gaetan Campeau. The companies continue to collaborate to maintain, and upgrade the quality of voice and data services across the island.

January 3, 2018     

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