Companies Merge to Provide 3D Location Technology For First Responders


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Polaris Wireless, a provider of software-based wireless location solutions, announced Tuesday it is partnering with Mark43, a leading cloud-based public safety software provider, to integrate 3D location technology into computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems for public safety organizations. This enables police and fire departments to track personnel and assets with pinpoint location, including indoors and in high-rise buildings, with floor level accuracy.

“Giving command and control centers full visibility into first responders’ locations is crucial when it comes to emergency dispatch, where every second counts,” said Scott Crouch, Mark43 Co-Founder and CEO. 

“We are always aiming to integrate the best possible capabilities into our suite of offerings, and we look forward to working with Polaris Wireless to increase safety and efficiency for our first responders.”

Mark43 CAD powers field response with a mobile unit view optimized for laptop or tablet use in vehicle. Built on the industry-leading AWS GovCloud, Mark43 works with police and fire departments to make sure web-connected units stay mobile in the cloud. With the additional functionality 3D Location provides, command and control centers can improve public safety operations such as directing firefighters to the correct floor in a structural fire or ensuring SWAT teams enter from the correct floor of a high-rise building. Even in more routine situations, such as tracking officers or equipment in a large municipal headquarters, 3D Location helps increase efficiency and allocate resources more wisely.

“Our 3D Location is enabling new use cases in public safety applications with our partnership and integration into Mark43 CAD systems,”​ ​said Amir Sattar, Senior Vice President of Operations for Polaris Wireless. “Dispatching police and firefighters to the precise location, including the correct floor number, represents a major advancement for public safety and a significant benefit for the communities they serve.”

June 14, 2019

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