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one vision2Marietta, GA-based OneVizion, Inc. works to consolidate and manage information and performance metrics in a single, unified application. The on-demand program management solution, known as FIRE (Flexible Information – Really Easy) Trackor, is designed to help those in the telecom industry to integrate information management, forecast, manage documents and tasks, and provide Google mapping.

According to OneVizion’s website, customers using the program have seen cost reductions of up to 50 percent over indusOneVizion logo 2try averages in similar vertical market deployments. CEO and President John Patton, who joined OneVizion in 2000, said that there are two parts to the turnkey solution.  

“One is what I would call general framework, where you can do anything you want to do, and then we take those capabilities and configure them specifically for the tower business,” Patton said.

He said that when you divide the problem in two, the general purpose problem is that there is so much change so fast in the telecom industry. That change is all over the board, whether it’s driven by regulations coming out of governmental agencies or technology that is driving innovation, creating “a tsunami of requirements.”

That is where OneVizion’s low code application solutions and FIRE Trackor come in. After 20 years of collaborating on the product and the same team intact since 2002, the FIRE Trackor group has worked together for more than 30,000 hours.

“We make spreadsheets work,” Patton said. “I came into this in the year 2000, and we set down some principles of what we’re going to do.”

One of the main benefits of using FIRE Trackor is addressing the issue of stranded data. According to OneVizion’s white paper on the subject, these data have several characteristics: it is valuable, time sensitive and required to support individual decision making. The traditional solution is to extend or build, but FIRE Trackor’s solution is to identify the specs, create a database design, build a user experience on top of the database design, and release an application version for end-user review. A modified spec is then created to incorporate new requirements, thus saving stranded data.

The FIRE Trackor architecture delivers low code solutions with a three-part system: definition, use and connection. Patton said that the user can change his or her mind on use any time he or she wants to.

“We write the program dynamically. We call it the connector,” he said. The result is a SQL generator, otherwise known as “the magic.” Additionally, FIRE Trackor allows the transition of spreadsheet quality data to corporate data without disrupting the user through a gradual transformation process, called synchronize. As the user continues performing daily operations without disruption, the quality of the data becomes better (dates and numbers are perfected, drop-downs list better and are logical, etc.).

Looking toward the future, Patton hopes to grow OneVizion even further, with two major deals lined up to sign by the end of 2016.

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By Alyssa Stahr

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