Competitive Carriers Association 2016 Annual Achievement Award Winners


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CCA-logo-tags-400x170 (3)Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) today announced the winners of its Annual Achievement Awards at their 2016 Annual Convention.  The winners were honored for their contributions to the industry and community in five categories: Distinguished Leadership, Outstanding Achievement, Outstanding Service, Industry Innovation and the Neko Hamlett Associate Member of the Year.

“Competitive carriers must innovate in order to survive, and at the same time serve as visible, active members of the communities they serve,” said Steven K. Berry, president and CEO of CCA. “These awards honor the individuals, carriers and associate companies who have made extraordinary contributions to the mobile industry and to their communities.”                              

Distinguished Leadership Award, Slayton Stewart, CEO, Carolina West Wireless

Slayton served as Chairman of CCA for the past year where he helped to guide members on competitive policy matters including Universal Service Fund support, especially Mobility Fund II, business data services reform, and spectrum issues.

Outstanding Achievement Award, Steve Sharkey, VP of Government Affairs, Technology, and Engineering Policy, T-Mobile US

Steve has worked collaboratively with CCA to help shape the technical and licensing rules for the Incentive Auction in a way that will facilitate CCA members’ access to the spectrum. His expertise helped convince the FCC to adopt the first ever spectrum reserve for the Incentive Auction to ensure competitive carriers had a meaningful opportunity to bid on and win spectrum.

Outstanding Service Award (Carrier), Naked Mobile

Naked Mobile joined forces with the Navajo County Public Health District (NCPHD) and other local groups to work together as The Naked Truth Coalition in an effort to create safer and healthier communities for kids through increased awareness and education on tough issues facing the community, including child sexual abuse, high STD rates, teen pregnancy, and human trafficking.

Outstanding Service Award (Associate), West

West worked with a local pharmacy in Elkview, West Virginia that suffered tremendous flood damage, leaving thousands without power. They worked to notify patients of a mobile pharmacy and made it possible for them to get needed prescriptions quickly and safely.

Neko Hamlett Associate Member of the Year, Bill Poellmitz, President & CEO, ClearSky Technologies

Bill has dedicated countless hours of service to CCA’s Events Committee meetings, Capitol Hill Days and Board of Directors’ meetings. He is committed to improving CCA events and has provided outstanding counsel and advice on CCA activities at every level.

Industry Innovation Award (Carrier), Bluegrass Cellular

Bluegrass Cellular successfully launched a connected car offering geared towards small and medium businesses that need fleet tracking capabilities to reduce their operational cost and improve their efficiencies. They also introduced a home alert system that warns property owners via notifications sent from wireless home alert systems.

Industry Innovation Award (Associate), Cambridge Broadband Networks, (CBNL)

CBNL has developed a new 28 and 39GHz point-to-multipoint last-mile technology that offers transformational possibilities for millimeter wave spectrum in the U.S. By doubling capacity of its VectaStar® platform and delivering more efficient use of spectrum and equipment, CBNL has created a unique business case for carriers to unlock the benefits of millimeter wave that were historically out of reach.

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