Coral Springs Extends Moratorium as Florida Battles Zoning Issues

Coral Springs is digging in its heels in its effort to stop wireless companies from building small cell sites in the city’s public rights-of-way, as the Florida city recently voted to extend its 180-day moratorium for an additional 120 days, reports the Sun Sentinel.

The moratorium, which began last September, prevents the construction and installation of wireless equipment in the city’s rights-of-way. Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell defended the moratorium, citing residents’ worries regarding the installation of wireless equipment in the city.

“I know [the residents] are very concerned about it,” Campbell told the Sun Sentinel. “I know it is probably not going to happen. I want them to know there are a lot of processes.”  

Cities in the Sunshine State are bracing for decisions regarding two bills currently in the state legislature—Senate Bill 596 and House Bill 687—both of which intend to give telecom companies expanded access to public rights-of-way, particularly for the installation of small and micro cell sites.

If approved, the legislation would institute a cap on permit application and attachments fees municipalities are allowed to charge wireless companies. It would also force cities to review and approve or deny permit applications within a certain time period.

March 16, 2017   


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