Cupola-Sited Service and Revenues Could Beckon for Sag Harbor


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Verizon is attempting to improve coverage for customers in Sag Harbor, NY by applying to install an antenna in the cupola of the Municipal Building. The Sag Harbor Express reported that Verizon has also requested to build a 150-foot tower with co-location capabilities.

 According to Police Chief Austin McGuire, cellular service in the village is poor, and any improvements would be welcome. Because 911 calls are currently directed to the Town of Southampton, a tower in the village could save precious time during an emergency. 

Besides better coverage, the village can also generate revenue from both projects. For the use of the cupola, Verizon has agreed to pay $12,000 per year, with two percent annual increases. Regarding the tower project, Verizon has offered $24,000 per year, with two percent annual increases. The village also stands to receive a portion of any revenue generated from co-location on the tower. The lease for both sites is proposed for five years with options to extend up to 20 more years. 

 According to Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy, if the deals are approved, the revenue will go towards village improvements. Money from the cupola will be earmarked for renovations so that the village “can keep this historic building standing,” and revenue generated from the tower would go towards “environmental improvements.”

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