DAS Market Will Increase Regardless of Competition, Report Says

Last week, Mobile Experts released a report outlining new competition and transitions in market consolidation for DAS. Rising enterprise adoption is aiding near-term market growth, and Mobile Experts predicts stronger growth in the DAS Equipment market this year. A longer-term growth rate is forecasted to be four percent CAGR from 2016 to 2022.

“The DAS market is undergoing an operator-to-enterprise market transition that we saw coming years ago. The transition has pushed some to exit the market, some to change sales channels, and others to find ‘green pastures’ in the adjacent Repeater and growing Public Safety in-building markets. We expect that the traditional DAS market will remain somewhat fragmented during our forecast period as the vast enterprise and public safety markets provide a niche for players with the right channel partnerships,” commented Principal Analyst Kyung Mun. 

The report suggests the new DAS market counts on enterprises across various vertical industries for direct investment. While operator CAPEX for in-building wireless projects is not growing, the enterprise DAS market is expected to ramp up slowly in the next one to two years, reports PR Newswire.

Mun added, “The competition from multi-operator DRS solutions and CBRS alternatives may disrupt the growth in sub-segments of the market. But the traditional DAS players and their cost-optimized, proven flexible, multi-operator, multi-tech, multi-frequency solutions will most likely be preferred by neutral hosts and enterprises.” Mobile Experts explained that Embedded DAS (small cells embedded in the DAS head end) has been more elusive in the marketplace, but traditional DAS players continue to introduce solutions to address cost and deployment obstacles of enterprise DAS.

October 13, 2017


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