David Beaumont: Rising Above the Challenges


Twelve years ago David Beaumont sold cell phones at a mall for Cingular Wireless and thought: “how do these things actually work? So, I found out,” he said.  Fast forward to today and Beaumont is now the owner of Chesapeake Tower Solutions, where you’ll find him busy mapping/troubleshooting, doing maintenance, installing meteorological equipment, lighting and some rope access/non-tower work at heights (rigging ropes, clock work, and buildings).

His dozen years of experience on the job in the tower industry has given him a lot to like about it such as adventure, travel, and “the ability to drive down the road and look at something you built and feel pride.”

Occasionally the job even has its magical moments. “Once in South Carolina we were building a site and the wind picked up,” Beaumont said. “The work was tough and we were wondering if we should call it a day, but we knew that the next two days weatherwise were going to be worse. Suddenly, a Bald Eagle flew directly underneath us. He was having difficulty with the wind too, but he was majestic. He hung tight and the wind died down. We knew it was a sign. That site got finished that day and it’s now embedded in our memories forever.” 

So what doesn’t he like about the job? “ AT&T,” he said. “Ha-ha, just kidding… sort of.” Beaumont said the “dog-eat-dog and greedy mentality that runs rampant in cellular/turf vendor work” can be a grind. “I’d say that’s tougher than any actual work that is done.”

However he stays optimistic. “There is hope,” he said. “Stay true to your goals. Never give up. Think out of the box so you can and will rise above it.”

Beaumont is working on putting up a website but can be contacted at: 803-554-7891.

By Jim Fryer, Managing Editor, Inside Towers

July 2, 2018

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