Deploy and Maintain 5G NR and LTE/LTE-A Cell Sites with OneAdvisor-800


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VIAVI Solutions yesterday announced signal analysis enhancements to its OneAdvisor-800 all-in-one test tool to streamline 4G-LTE and 5G NR cell site installation, integration and maintenance.  

The VIAVI OneAdvisor-800 is designed to help field teams by consolidating all key cell site installation and integration tests into one device: fiber, coaxial cable, PIM detection, fronthaul, and spectrum/signal analysis. VIAVI, in a statement, said the device will optimize efficiency, put built-in automation guides technicians through each test process and automatically store test results. The OneAdvisor-800 is designed to make new technicians become proficient with greatly reduced risk of error and experienced technicians work more quickly and accurately. 

Key enhancements and benefits include:

  • LTE FDD and LTE-TDD Signal Analyzer Functions: One-button testing for standards-based RF channel power, over-the-air channel scanner and ID scanner verifying LTE signal performance from a single, or multiple radios, allowing faster validation and troubleshooting.
  • 5G-NR Signal Analyzer: Comprehensive signal analysis measurements for 5G including beam analysis and carrier scanner for single or multiple 5G channel verification.
  • EMF Signal Analyzer: Electromagnetic field testing in spectral format and in the 5G beam analysis method, effectively assessing the amount of energy emissions from 5G Active Antenna based radios. 

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