Dielectric Launches Software to Streamline LPTV Antenna Proposals


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Dielectric released free Excel-based planning tools—known as Proposal Generators—that give broadcasters and their RF consultants the ability to generate their own technical proposals. The initial rollout focuses on Powerlite low-power antenna systems.

Customers can download the Proposal Generator for their particular antenna model from the Dielectric website — and save days to weeks compared to traditional technical proposal generation.

 Users can have a detailed antenna technical proposal ready within minutes after filling in the required data fields. This time savings is especially beneficial for LPTV stations readying for the November 14 LPTV Reimbursement deadline and proposal filing thereafter.  

The software removes the “back and forth” process of review iterations with Dielectric engineers to perfect the design by allowing customers to directly enter values for the following types of required information:

  •  Station call letters, location, channel and frequency
  • Antenna model, azimuth and elevation patterns with polarization selection
  • Entries to evaluate wind loading and other mechanical specifications
  •  Inputs to automatically calculate antenna gain and transmission line losses for required transmitter output power and effective radiated power

Proposal generators are available for several Powerlite models — including the Dielectric TFU-WB Series of low-cost broadband antennas, and a new TFU-WB-LP model designed specifically for the low power market. Proposal generators are also available for the TLP Series and DLP Series of low power, single channel UHF antennas, and the TLS-V VHF lightweight/low wind load antenna.

Dielectric developed new tools specifically to prepare for the volume of high-power repack, proving that proposals could be generated rapidly to help broadcasters and their FCC consultants meet Commission deadlines. In parallel to creating the proposal generators, Dielectric has streamlined its manufacturing processes to better serve LPTV markets.

“The new proposal generators have been created for the same reasons for low power antennas,” said Dielectric Applications Engineer Jim Chadwick. “This proposal software makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective for broadcasters to order the new low power TV antennas they need.”

October 10, 2019

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