Dielectric, Quincy Media Ink Repack Deal for Nine TV Stations

Dielectric will ship the first two of nine recently ordered antenna systems to Quincy Media Inc. this coming spring, for TV stations affected by Phase One and Phase Two of the spectrum repack. The full nine-station deal covers a mix of UHF and VHF antennas, filters and transmission line customized for each station. Dielectric is accelerating production and delivery through new efficient design and operational methods, in addition to expanding manufacturing capacity with a new facility in Lewiston, Maine to produce TV antennas.

The first two of the nine orders include Dielectric TFU-WB UHF broadband pylon arrays for KTIV (Channel 14, Sioux City, IA) and WXOW (Channel 28, LaCrosse, WI). Also included are six TFU-WB UHF broadband antennas for Quincy stations that need interim repack antennas as tower crews remove old systems.

Quincy Media Corporate DOE Brady Dreasler said KTIV’s antenna design is an ideal example of Dielectric’s professionalism and experience. “That station is moving from Channel 46 down to Channel 14. To achieve the same antenna gain, the design is significantly longer with added weight. Dielectric has been very helpful in achieving the right combination of size and weight to operate on the existing tower, and making adjustments along the way to help us minimize tower work.”

Quincy chose Dielectric because of their solid engineering and longevity. “We still have Dielectric bat wings (then RCA) in the field approaching 60 years of service,” said Dreasler. “They helped our stations through the 2009 DTV transition, and supported us through a major burnout at a tower location three years ago.”

November 7, 2017 


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