Dielectric Says Its Repack-Ready at NAB


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Antenna and RF system manufacturer Dielectric will emphasize the breadth and value of its repack solutions on the show floor at NAB 2018.

The Raymond, Maine-based company issued initial technical proposals to 917 of the 987 repack-affected stations, many of those stations receiving auxiliary as well as main antenna proposals. At its NAB booth (Central Hall Booth #2613, April 9-12 Las Vegas Convention Center), the company will demonstrate several products designed with repack-affected broadcasters in mind.

Dielectric’s latest UHF and VHF TV antennas cover power levels from 1 kW to 240 kW.  The company will highlight a range of antenna types, including: high-power and low-power, broadband, narrow-band, center-fed and end-fed designs. Products on display include the company’s most recent innovations, now shipping: 

  • The TFU-WB, a low-cost, side-mount, UHF full band pylon antenna designed for higher voltage handling capabilities that also offers 75% less wind load, lower overall weight, and exceptional cost-efficiency in contrast to traditional broadband arrays. Post-repack, TFU-WB antennas can serve as an auxiliary array or in a Single-Frequency Network (SFN).  The array is available in either HPOL or EPOL.
  • A new lightweight aluminum, top-mount version of Dielectric’s TFU-GTH Series UHF slot antenna, offering an “electrically center-fed” design that provides superior frequency response across a single or dual channels; and a VSWR rating of 1.08: 1 across the channel for exceptional RF performance.  It is also available as an end-fed design when a site requires increased beam tilt to serve the population. The end-fed design eases the manufacturing and test time required at the factory.
  • Dielectric’s latest tunable RF filters—waveguide-designed for exceptional power rating up to 60 kW and air-cooled for operational efficiency.  Higher power options are available in CIF (constant impedance filters) configurations.
  • Custom-tailored transmission line and components to ensure the strongest possible signal transmission from tower sites.

Based on the strength of these solutions and its software-defined, automated proposal and antenna design programs, Dielectric says it has won over 300 repack antenna orders to date. The company expects to manufacture and ship more than 1,300 UHF antennas and 80 miles of rigid transmission line over the course of the repack period.

“With the opening of our new 33,000 square foot Lewiston, Maine manufacturing facility, and our freshly optimized engineering, design and production workflow, we’re well positioned to build and deliver whatever custom-designed antenna systems our customers need, ahead of their spectrum repack deadlines,” said Dielectric VP Sales Jay Martin. “Our message at NAB is that Dielectric has the capacity to accommodate any level of repack business, and without limiting broadcasters to a specific few antenna designs.”

The company also hired 55 new employees, and renegotiated with its key suppliers to ensure that there will be ample supplies of steel and aluminum poles, Invar, Teflon and the 80,000 flanges needed to ensure smooth, high-volume production.

April 9, 2018

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