DOD Contracts Carriers For 70,000 Wireless Lines For VA Telehealth


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The Department of Defense signed a five-year $993.5 million contract with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, in an effort to provide more reliable service to the Department of Veteran Affairs, according to Mobi Health News. The contract states that T-Mobile will aid in enhancing the availability of telehealth services by installing 70,000 lines of wireless service for VA locations. Many veterans are required to drive 25 to 50 miles to reach their nearest care facility, but telehealth services will now be able to provide remote care with reliable coverage.

According to Dr. Steven Lieberman, executive in charge at the Veteran’s Health Administration, the deal will benefit veterans at home or in outpatient facilities by connecting them with VHA staff so their needs can be quickly communicated. Lieberman said, “Whether it’s at a medical center, a community clinic or via the VA Video Connect telemedicine platform, our ongoing goal is to improve patient outcomes.”  

Chief officer for the Office of Connected Care in the VHA, Dr. Neil Evans, discussed how convenient care will be using this system, because it allows patients to stay connected with their established care teams.

In an effort to increase the availability of Spok Care Connect messaging services in VA locations, Spok Care signed a contract with Standard Communications, Health News reported. T-Mobile CEO John Legere, said, “I’m incredibly proud to provide the wireless network, devices and support to help VA employees engage with veterans while expanding telehealth and other innovative services.”  Comments? Email Us.

December 14, 2018

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