Don’t Site Under the Apple Tree


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UPDATE When Inside Towers reported on Horizon Tower’s struggles to place a tower on Apple Hill in El Dorado County, CA last March, the decision reached then ruled against construction. On the advice of the reviewing commission, Horizon Tower’s representative John Merritt studied different options and came back with a new proposal. The Mountain Democrat, reports the revised location still bordered Sun Mountain Farm, but is further away from the home of chief objectors Joan and Stan Geel.

The agricultural commission reviewed Merritt’s proposal and considered comments from detractors and supporters. The Geels attended the meeting and argued again that the tower, even at the new location, was too close to their orchard. Although the commission advised that members were not weighing in on the issues of property values or the visual impact of a 125-foot monopine cell tower, opponents voiced a variety of objections.

On the opposite side of the aisle, were people lobbying in favor of the cell tower and the improved coverage it would bring. According to the Mountain Democrat, fans of better reception were the bigger contingent. “The future of ag is being connected,” said Christa Campbell, a member of the local board of commerce. In promoting his new site, Merritt added that Horizon Tower would not need to remove any trees at that location.

After weighing both viewpoints, the agricultural commission voted to approve the new location. They noted their belief that the tower would not have a negative influence on ag or timber production. The county commission will now consider the recommendation of the ag commission, as the next step in the process.  

June 20, 2019

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