Eastern New York Zoning Board of Appeals Ponders Monopole Placement

Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part, which Mobilitie is learning in its attempt to build a 120-foot monopole in Amsterdam, New York. Last week, in response to local pushback to the proposed pole, the Amsterdam Zoning Board of Appeals held off making a decision on a required use variance for the proposed structure, reports The Recorder.

The proposed location is a right-of-way on a residential zoned property, and thus requires a use variance from the local zoning board. Residents have voiced their concern over the location because of nearby property values.

“People are concerned about their property values, said third Ward Alderman Chad Majewski during the last zoning meeting. “This is going right in their backyard.”

Board member Art Iannuzzi said other locations should be considered instead of the right-of-way, and also that he is concerned about the precedent that will be set if the board approves the use variance.

“In my neighborhood, I wouldn’t want to see one of these,” Iannuzzi said during the meeting. “I’m tired of looking at multiple telephone poles, let alone I’d want to see a 120-foot pole jutting up in my neighborhood like I want a hole in my head.”

Mobilitie agreed to meet with local officials to discuss alternative site locations. The Zoning Board of Appeals delayed a vote on the current location in hopes that a compromise could be reached between the two sides.

February 7, 2017


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