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Since 1997, Eastpointe Industries has been a premier tower and structural steel components manufacturer. Eastpointe is centrally located in Muskogee, OK, a location that provides an optimal distribution point for their products. There is more than a half million square feet for administration, engineering, fabrication and parts storage space, where the company produces their brand of high quality towers and modification parts.

Engineered structures are fabricated for a variety of industries, not limited to wireless communications.

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Custom steel products such as mounts, ladders and equipment platforms are among the variety of engineered structural steel items fabricated to customer specifications.  

Eastpointe stresses fundamental values that drive business and customer values. First is the importance of on-time delivery, which is critical to building customer continuity and trust in field construction.

Secondly, high quality material closeout documentation, including steel sourcing, is important to its customers so they can submit all of the required paperwork with their invoices for payment on their projects.

Thirdly, market leading “order to ship” cycle time for component fabrication. Decades of experience has led Eastpointe to develop fabrication and customer support processes that are second to none, including modification parts for structural upgrades that fit in the field the first time. Prior to fabrication, Eastpointe’s engineering team collaborates with staff/EOR to identify potential site issues to avoid costly installation delays. Its staff of AWS certified welders, CWIs and industry experienced procurement professionals assure compliance to current stringent engineering specifications.

Lastly, Eastpointe is proud of its high quality processes in delivery and details in every step of its customers’ orders to ensure high satisfaction and repeat loyal customer orders and business.

The latest in equipment technology and personnel training has increased fabrication capabilities to meet the ever growing demands for on-time delivery and quality. Location, competitive pricing, industry leading turnaround times, experienced staff, and quality of fabrication all combine to provide the complete package for the company’s customers’ projects.

Eastpointe’s mission is to be your one source partner for towers, tower modification materials or custom structures needs.

For more information, visit www.ep-ind.com.

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