A NIMBY Primer or “Eight Ways to Fight Small Cell Development”


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Want to know what the ‘loyal opposition’ is up to?  Here’s a website we found, the EMF Safety Network, (“envisioning a world free of EMF pollution where children, communities, and nature thrive!”) that gives NIMBY’s and aggrieved locals a few things to say at your next zoning meeting. Let’s call it “eight helpful tips the EMF’ers would rather you don’t know”:

  1. “Keep a watch on your [city or county] planning or permit department for applications for “small cell” towers. Find out who handles the applications for 5G and small cells.’
  2. Educate and engage the community about EMF/wireless health risks. Even though a city cannot legally deny an application based on health effects, it is important to educate decision makers in order to motivate them to find another way to deny the application.”
  3. “Present a letter. If you live in California, you can present this legal letter which outlines what a California community can do to legally deny “small cell” towers in the public Rights-Of-Way. Even if you don’t live in the state of CA, you can still present the letter to encourage research.”
  4. “Speak out at city meetings. Speak to those issues that can be backed up by science including health effects caused by radiofrequency emissions, environmental effects on animals and surrounding areas and be sure to share and cite the research.”
  5. “When there is an application pending, send a letter by mail and email to the decision makers and go to the public meetings to speak out and oppose the project.”
  6. “Small cell” tower is a junkyard on a pole! The EMF Safety Network says small cells that are installed often don’t resemble the representational drawings.
  7. “Create a flyer and/or petition and circulate to people in the area with information on how to oppose a project.”
  8. “Take to social media and online community bulletin boards to warn others about where the towers are planned and where to complain.”

Published June 11, 2018

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