Enertech Resources: Deploying Technology With Safety At Its Core


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Enertech Resources has been deploying technology in the telecommunications industry for nearly 20 years. Founded by cousins, Eric Chase, and Justin Jones, the pair decided to make their mark in the telecommunications industry in the early 2000s, after already gaining experience working for others. Focused on building stronger infrastructure, enabling mobile technology, plus working on small cell and DAS deployment, Enertech does all this and more while focusing on its core value: safety.

“As a third-generation telecom professional, the industry has provided well for my family and all the other families here, but it’s not an easy one and not for the faint of heart,” said Chase. “I followed in my father’s footsteps with wireless site development. He recently passed, but it wasn’t that long ago when no matter where I went, I was still introduced as Dewey’s son.”

With his time in the telecom space, Chase anticipated some dos and don’ts for Enertech. From the company’s earliest days, leadership realized that many companies effectively brokered work and leveraged relationships first while field resources came second.

“We recognized that to be successful long-term you need to have internal resources for the work,” said Chase. “You also need to provide an approach to safety and a level of quality that differentiated you from your competitors, and you needed to have scheduling control over those resources that allowed you to be responsive to your customer’s needs.”  

Enertech focuses on the performance of its employees, a workforce of trained and experienced telecom professionals, to deliver for customers. They also have a “super-regional” geographic reach to ensure they provide quality and speed for their customers from the gulf coast to the desert south-west, up through the Rockies and covering the pacific northwest.

“At Enertech, it all begins with safety,” stresses Chase. “It’s our core value, which frames our culture and the way we approach work.”

The company equips crews with the best-in-class PPE, tooling, and procedures, and are continuously looking for ways to improve in all these areas. Enertech has also worked to maintain a family-oriented culture as the company has grown and have found that always keeping ‘Safety is our Core Value’ in mind has made “growing pains” easier.

Enertech provides tower services, including new site builds, technology deployment and structural modification. They also offer engineering services, fiber, small cells, and DAS. Enertech is fortunate to have working relationships with Carriers, Infrastructure Owners and Developers as well as State, Local and Government Integrator entities to provide initial build, technology deployment, and asset maintenance and modification service work.

“One thing that we’ve always prided ourselves on, is when somebody is running from something we want to know why. We have always been willing to take the early-adopter mentality, understanding that the industry is very dynamic,” said Chase.  “We have worked to take an active participation role within industry efforts to drive standardization, best practice sharing, and development. We believe that this approach ensures we are industry leaders and practice in keeping up with a rapidly evolving infrastructure that supports the future of telecommunications.”

How will 5G impact Enertech’s next generation of service? According to Chase, the transition from analog to digital was a change that, “at the moment wasn’t recognized for how it would change us, but that was the first major step in changing our lives as it relates to connectivity.”

“I think 5G is going to do this again,” added Chase. “We’re already ramping up our workforce to bring our customers the quality and speed of service they anticipate from Enertech as the country builds out the 5G network.”

Enertech Resources is headquartered in New Braunfels, TX with additional locations in Austin, Tomball, Longview, and Coppell. Other locations include Phoenix, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO, Albuquerque, NM, Oklahoma City, OK, Lafayette, LA, Olalla, WA, Ritzville, WA, and Three Forks, MT. For more information or to contact a representative, visit http://enertechresources.com/.

May 9, 2019

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