Ericsson Delivers First U.S.-Made 5G Base Station to Verizon


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Verizon is the first recipient of a U.S.-manufactured commercial 5G base station from Ericsson’s (NASDAQ: ERIC) new state-of-the-art smart factory in Texas. Yahoo Finance describes the 300,000 square foot facility as largely automated and adherent to social distancing protocols. The 5G base stations being constructed are part of Verizon’s delivery system. The equipment is the first 5G base station produced by Ericsson in the U.S.

The millimeter-wave Street Macro base station includes radio access components housed in a self-contained lightweight shell. The Texas factory, which began operations last March, also constructs 5G and Advanced Antenna System radios. The radios increase network capacity for the units. 

“Ericsson’s smart factory is a cornerstone of our collaboration as we work together to bring 5G to our consumer, enterprise and public safety customers,” said Verizon’s Chief Technology Office, Kyle Malady. “Together these types of innovation will accelerate our 5G deployments, as we expand our 5G leadership in technology and continue to rapidly build the ecosystem with our partners.” 

Erisson Executive Vice President and Head of Networks, Fredrik Jejdling, added “As the most advanced platform for innovation, 5G will enable a transformation across enterprises – as we’re now experiencing in our own smart factories. Automation and remote operations have become more important, and we’re working with our customers to make them available for the benefit of industries. From producing the first 5G base stations at our 5G USA Smart Factory earlier this year, we’ve made our first commercial delivery to Verizon. That’s just the beginning.”  

Watch the video here.

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