Falmouth Issues RFP For Broadband Infrastructure Plan


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The Falmouth (MA) Economic Development Industrial Corporation (EDIC), issued a statement last week saying it believes, “a robust broadband infrastructure is critical to the sustenance and future growth of the town’s commerce and to the welfare of its citizens.”

The town, via the EDIC, has concluded its broadband communications needs are, “inadequately served by the existing providers and wants to explore options for a community directed town-wide network.” This Request for Proposal solicits bids for a feasibility study, which will make recommendations to the EDIC and the town, concerning the viability of a locally owned broadband network including considerations such as: 

  • level of community support and estimated take rate
  • funding options for construction and operation
  • a physical network plan and technical options
  • competition from other providers and technologies

The EDIC hopes the study can start as soon as possible and be completed no later than March 13, 2020. The following criteria will be used in the evaluation committee’s review of submittals: 

  • Firm’s general experience.  
  • Firm’s relevant similar project experience.  
  • Firm’s expertise in developing and understanding programmatic requirements of the EDIC.   
  • Firm’s ability to comply with the proposed project schedule.  
  • Skill set(s) and experience of firm’s personnel proposed for the project.  
  • Firm’s capacities and financial capabilities.  
  • Firm’s proposed fee for services.  
  • Firm’s experience in working on Cape Cod. 

July 24, 2019

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