FCC Bangs the Gavel Once Again for Round 2


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Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.56.18 PMFCC Auction Results – Thursday 09-15-16
Federal Register Announcement
FCC Posting:  “Incentive Auction Second Stage: Same as the First? Not Exactly.
The FCC reduced the event clearing spectrum size to 114 MHz instead of 126 MHz fixed earlier. However, 99.6 percent of the spectrum offered in this stage will be completely unimpaired compared with 97 percent that was offered in the first stage. Importantly, during this stage of the bidding process, the FCC will negotiate with TV broadcasters to determine how much spectrum they will release to the “forward” portion of this event and at what price.
Low-band spectrum is essential for wireless operators as the signals can be transmitted over longer distances and through brick-and-mortar walls in cities. However, several industry experts believe that telecom operators may be unwilling to shell out such a hefty sum for low-band airwaves.
Some industry watchers have also predicted that telecom operators might need around 70 MHz to 80 MHz of spectrum in the 600 MHz bands instead of the total freed up 126 MHz airwaves. In such a scenario, the FCC might have to conduct another round of reverse auction for a reduced volume of spectrum at lower prices.  (From zacks.com and from between the Rounds)

Auction Proceeds  (as of 6 pm 9/15)
Auction Proceeds as of Stage 1   $23,108,037,900