FCC Chooses C-Band Move Coordinator


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In order to make 280 MHz of C-band spectrum available for wireless use, incumbent satellite and cable users must move. They’re due to vacate the lower portion of the 3.7-4.2 GHz band and move to the upper portion of the band.

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau said Friday that RSM US LLP meets the selection criteria established by the Commission and will be the relocation coordinator for the transition. A search committee of eligible Fixed Satellite Service space station operators chose the company. RSM will be responsible for managing the overall transition and coordinating relocation actions among satellite companies, incumbent earth station operators, and new 3.7 GHz Service flexible use licensees. The agency sought public input on RSM’s selection and said no one opposed the choice.

The FCC selection criteria stated the coordinator “must be able to demonstrate that it has the requisite expertise to perform the duties required,” which will include:

(1) coordinating the schedule for clearing the band; 

(2) performing engineering analysis, as necessary, to determine necessary earth station migration actions; 

(3) assigning obligations, as necessary, for earth station migrations and filtering; 

(4) coordinating with overlay licensees throughout the transition process; 

(5) assessing the completion of the transition in each PEA and determining overlay licensees’ ability to commence operations; and 

(6) mediating scheduling disputes.

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