FCC Extends DISH 5G Buildout Deadlines


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The FCC gave DISH more time to meet build-out requirements for its AWS and lower 700 MHz spectrum licenses. Modified license terms now mean DISH must use its spectrum to provide 5G New Radio-based broadband services. The company can’t use IoT to meet the deadlines. It must provide 5G broadband service over them.

 The agency pushed the build-out deadlines for each of DISH’s AWS-4, Lower 700 E Block, and AWS H Block licenses to June 14, 2023. In its decision, the agency stated: “The Commission recognized that the significant public interest benefits promised by DISH will occur only if DISH meets its commitments.” It conditioned approval of DISH’s request to extend the construction deadlines upon the company meeting all of its promises.   

For each of DISH’s AWS-4, Lower 700 E Block, AWS H Block, and 600 MHz licenses, if DISH fails to meet the buildout deadline, the license in that particular area terminates automatically without Commission action. For each of DISH’s 600 MHz and AWS-4 licenses, DISH and each license is subject to restrictions on sale or leasing.

 For each DISH 600 MHZ license, the interim buildout deadline (June 13, 2023) is removed and the final deadline is June 14, 2025, for DISH to construct and offer 5G Broadband Service to at least 75 percent of the population in each Partial Economic Area.

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