FCC OKs Spectrum Use Sensors for 3.5 GHz Band


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The FCC approved the updated or new Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) sensor deployment and coverage plans (ESC sensor registrations) for three ESC operators on the 3.5 GHz band: CommScope, Google, and Key Bridge Wireless LLC.

The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Office of Engineering and Technology, with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Department of Defense, reviewed and approved the updated or new ESC sensor registrations, which describe the proposed coverage for the dynamic protection areas (DPAs) listed below. DPAs are pre-defined protection areas that extend beyond the coastline or that enclose a protected terrestrial radar facility, which may be activated or deactivated as necessary to protect DoD radar systems.

Each ESC operator listed below is authorized to operate its ESC sensors consistent with the information—including sensor locations, configuration, and DPA coverage—submitted to, and approved by, the FCC. In addition, each certified ESC operator must operate in conjunction with at least one Spectrum Access System (SAS) that has been approved for commercial deployment by the Commission.

Before providing commercial service for any DPA, each ESC operator must file a notification in GN Docket No. 15-319, which must affirm that the approved sensors covering the DPA are built and operational; they must list the approved SASs the ESC is communicating with.

CommScope has satisfied the sensor coverage requirements for:

  • Alameda.

Google has satisfied the sensor coverage requirements for:

  •  Alameda.

Key Bridge has satisfied the sensor coverage requirements for:

  •  East 16;
  •  West DPAs 8, 9, 12, 13,9 and 14;
  •  Alameda;
  •  Long Beach; and
  •  San Diego Port

Parties must provide updates if they change the parameters of their approved ESC sensor deployments. The FCC will continue to approve ESC Sensor Registrations on a rolling basis.

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