FieldSENSE RF Safety Monitor: We’ve Got You Covered


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Since 1994, FieldSENSE has been focused on designing products to protect telecommunications industry workers while they’re performing jobs near broadcast and telecom antennas. Their flagship product is the FieldSENSE 2.0 Personal RF Monitor, a device that protects workers from overexposure when working around broadcast and telecom antennas.

“When the company was founded, our goal was to turn national and international safety legislation and guidelines into practical work procedures. Then, and now, we specialize in the safety of telecom workers and the general public around antennas and towers,” said Max Birch, FieldSENSE Product Designer.

The mission of FieldSENSE is to ensure that their RF monitor is affordable enough, so every worker can carry one. “The work is not worth doing if a climber can’t go home to their family at the end of a job. We’re here to ensure the hazards of RF overexposure are eliminated to keep workers safe,” said Birch.

This led to the development of the FieldSENSE Personal RF Monitor, now in its second generation, which ensures tower climbers are safe from RF overexposure. As FieldSENSE was developing the RF Monitor, they strived to “check all the boxes” for both climbers and their employers. 

“We took the feedback we heard from real climbers that are on the tower every day to discover what was critical to them. We know equipment needs to be rugged and lightweight, plus it cannot interfere with the climbers in any way,” said Birch. “We also know that from the business owners’ point of view, products must be durable, affordable, available, and easily serviceable.”

FieldSENSE covers it all with the 2.0 model, released in 2016, which was completely driven by real tower climbers’ requirements. The second generation FieldSENSE monitor is an enormous leap forward in RF safety, as it provides a complete representation of RF exposure.

What makes version 2.0 unique? This model measures not just the E field, which is prone to under reading; it uses a combination of three “E field” and three “H field” probes. Also, using a shaped response allows for the correct assessment of total combined exposure when multiple transmitters are present – in terms of the FCC limits – and displays a percentage, allowing for quick decision making on the tower or rooftop. Extra features such as the handy voice recorder and a fall detection alarm system have all been built in, to keep workers safe and productive on their everyday tasks.

“We leverage our strengths to ensure we are offering our clients the best possible product, as well as world-class customer service at the best possible price point. We aim to simplify RF safety by focusing on the core requirements and doing these well. Our goal is to move the industry forward by keeping the workers in the field safe on the job,” said Birch.

For more information about the FieldSENSE 2.0 RF monitor or place an order, visit

May 14, 2018

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