First Responders Get Access To Health Data In Real Time


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MedicAlert has partnered with RapidSOS to enable patient health data to transmit directly to first responders during an emergency, reported HealthData Management.

RapidSOS’ digital platform links any connected device to 911 first responders, disseminating vital health information and accurate location data via an ambulance computer system. The goal is to save critical minutes during emergencies and contribute to faster responses, and better-prepared public safety officials, reported HealthData Management.

Under the program, a patient signs up for a MedicAlert bracelet and then can submit critical health information about their medical history, such as pre-existing conditions, as well as physicians’ and family members’ contact information for access by first responders in an emergency.  

“For both companies, this lets the right data appear in the right place at the right time,” said Michael Martin, CEO at RapidSOS. “If a MedicAlert patient calls 911, we query MedicAlert, and data is pulled into 911 systems.”

Any public safety agency can get access to the RapidSOS clearinghouse beginning this month, according to Martin.

“For decades, our nation’s 911 professionals have had to respond to emergencies with no data beyond a voice-only connection,” added Martin. “This solution with MedicAlert is a milestone for emergency response nationwide as we make lifesaving medical information available to first responders.”

May 3, 2019

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