FirstNet Deployable Assets Available in Fourteen Hours Nationwide


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FirstNet announced last week that public safety agencies subscribing to its service now have access to its full fleet of 72 dedicated deployable network assets. Stationed across the country in 40 locations, these assets can either be deployed within 14 hours for planned events, or called upon in emergencies to help first responders stay connected and operate faster, safer and more effectively when lives are on the line.

In 2018 to date, the AT&T FirstNet team has supported nearly 100 emergency and event response efforts via asset deployments and other solutions. This includes active shooter situations, tornadoes in the east, wildfires across the western states, and most recently, deployments for the Merrimack Valley gas explosions and Hurricane Florence.

“Hurricane Florence devastated several South Carolina communities, leaving behind dangerous flooding and an aftermath we’ll be dealing with long after the water recedes,” said Pickens County Emergency Management Deputy Director Pierce Womack. “Throughout it all, FirstNet has been with us every step of the way to provide our first responders with reliable connectivity and 24/7 support. The service has been aiding in our rescue and recovery from the storm, giving us a leg up to provide the best possible service to the citizens in need. It’s critical situations like these which show FirstNet’s dedication in supporting Emergency Services.” ¬†

FirstNet-dedicated assets include Satellite Cell on Light Trucks, which are mobile cell sites that link to FirstNet via satellite and do not rely on commercial power availability. They provide first responders with similar capabilities and connectivity as a cell tower.

The 72 FirstNet-dedicated deployables are available 24/7 at the request of FirstNet subscribers and at no cost to public safety. The corresponding Response Operations Program aligns with the National Incident Management System to better guide the deployment of these assets. This prioritizes deployments based on their situational awareness of life safety, incident stabilization and property conservation.

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October 8, 2018